Expert: launched the implementation of the may decree of the President

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Juneeuropean of Russia Vladimir Putin. Archival photoExpert: launched the implementation of the may decree of the President© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev

Started stage-specific execution of the may decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the Chairman of the expert Council EISI, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Gleb Kuznetsov, commenting on the results of the meeting of the Council for strategic development and projects, which took place the day before.

«Guaranteed financing, confirmed the list of national projects in key areas, priorities identified in the may decree. This is now a priority in our state policy. All this will be under the control of the Federal government and in the zone of special attention», — he said RIA Novosti.

According to Kuznetsov, the key to the implementation of the decree is the development of the regions, as it determines the overall development of the country.

«Without the development of regions, without their alignment in socio-economic terms, no country’s development can not be. The term «depressed region» must go», he concluded.

In may 2018 Vladimir Putin signed a decree defining the main directions of development of economy and social sphere until 2024. The head of state instructed to reduce by half the poverty rate in the country, to ensure sustainable growth of real incomes, the growth of pension levels are not lower than inflation, to improve the living conditions of at least 5 million families annually, to secure a mortgage at 8% for middle-income families, increasing life expectancy to 78 years, and by 2030 up to 80 years.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the Main directions of activities of the government of Russia (UNDP) until 2024.

The government in the plan focuses on national development, which are incorporated in the new the may decree, as well as implementation of 12 national projects, the Premier said.

On the development of the national projects, infrastructure development in the next three years in the draft Federal budget of 5.63 trillion rubles. The most significant cost associated with the development of the social sphere, namely with projects in healthcare, demography, education, science, ecology, housing construction, comfortable urban environment, creating a modern transport and energy infrastructure.