In Sochi more than 70 houses adjoining areas remain flooded

© Photo : Administration of Acenapthene in SochiIn Sochi more than 70 houses adjoining areas remain flooded© Photo : Sochi city Administration

Seventy-six houses adjoining areas in Sochi remain flooded, disabled 20 transformer substations, gas supply cut 320 houses in the village of Volkovka, told in the press service of the city administration.

Earlier it was reported that in connection with rain Wednesday in the Tuapse and Apsheron districts, as well as in Sochi have been flooding in Tuapse and Absheron districts entered emergency mode, partially evacuated population, online services translated into enhanced mode. To monitor the progress of liquidation of consequences of a cyclone on the Kuban flew operational team with the head of EMERCOM of Russia Jevgenijs Senichevym.

«In the middle of the city for the night fell about 76 millimeters of precipitation. Hydrotalcite, indicate a sharp rise in the water, worked on 21 the river. Remain flooded 76 adjacent territories», — said the mayor, adding that problems with gas and electricity being resolved.

«At the moment disabled 20 transformer substations, mainly in the Lazarevskoe district. Because of damage to the gas pipes cut off from gas supply 320 homes in the village of Volkovka. In the shelters there are 10 people. Worked all night, operational headquarters, thanks to the coordinated work of all services of human casualties and the severe consequences on the territory of Sochi managed to avoid,» — said in the administration.

As stated in the MUP of Sochi Vodokanal, currently without water still has some of the Sochi villages.

«In connection with the accident on a conduit diameter in the riverbed Khobza produced temporary disconnection of water supply of the subscribers in villages and Mountain Khobza, Loo. Emergency operation is complicated by the rise of water in the river Khobza. To socially significant objects organized supply of clean drinking water from two tankers», — reported in a press-enterprise service.

Also due to adverse weather conditions happened the emergency disconnecting of electric power for water pumping stations «Sergey-pole», «Volkonka», «Thessaloniki», «seaside», «Vergabestelle» added in «Vodokanal».

«In this regard, perhaps low blood pressure and even lack of water supply to subscribers in the towns Sergey-pole, Volkonka, soloniki, as well as at the farm «seaside» on the streets of a Star, a Stud, in the village Verneville on the streets of Voroshilovgrad (partially), Chernivtsi, Blinova, Chelyabinsk,» — said in the company.