In the case of Macedonia intervenes not Russia, and the United States, the foreign Ministry said

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotobanka, calling to vote in the referendum on the renaming of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia. Archival photoIn the case of Macedonia intervenes not Russia, and the United States, the foreign Ministry said© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

Despite the accusations against Russia, us officials in the internal Affairs of Macedonia intervenes not Russia, and America itself, said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The criticism of the Russian Federation, the Deputy assistant of the US state Department Matthew Palmer.

«Another of the accusations against Moscow regarding the certain «blatant intervention» in the internal political processes in the Republic of Macedonia. What is remarkable, it is the intervention of Russia said in Skopje – is ridiculous. I would like to remind you that the United States, not Russia, as recently as October 19, absolutely unscrupulous means, namely, by means of blackmail, threats, bribery of the deputies pushed in the Parliament of this country decision to start procedures for amending the Macedonian Constitution. It was the American Ambassador in Skopje was in the building of the Macedonian Parliament and to manage this process,» said Zakharov on the briefing.

She noted that against Prespan agreement «is not Russia», and themselves Macedonian voters who failed referendum on September 30.

The deputies of the Parliament of Macedonia on 19 October by a majority of 80 votes out of 120 supported the amendments to the Constitution by agreement with Greece on renaming the country for accession to NATO and the EU. Amendments to the main document of the Republic suggest adding the word «North» before the name «Macedonia». Provided signed with Greece Prespan agreement and is a prerequisite for the accession of the former Yugoslav Republic into NATO and the EU.

The Russian foreign Ministry stated that the vote was in violation of all norms.

A referendum in Macedonia on 30 September about the name of the country actually fell – the ballot boxes came to about 37% of the electorate, if turnout is 50%. Taking part in the vote of 91.5% were in favor of the agreement in Skopje and Athens, and 5.6% did not support the Treaty. Despite the failure of the referendum, the EU, NATO and the USA declared about his success.