In «the Hudson» said, when her ship may leave the factory in China

© AFP 2018 / StringerСудно with cargo containers at a Chinese port. Archival photoIn «the Hudson» said, when her ship may leave the factory in China© AFP 2018 / Stringer

Sanctioned Primorskaya Kompaniya «Hudson» we hope that the ship «Neptune» which is stuck in Chinese factory, leave it to November 1 after checking all the cost of repairs, told RIA Novosti Deputy General Director for strategic development and logistics of the company Valery Pliskin.

In «Hudson» on October 17 reported that a shipyard in China refuses to complete the repairs of the vessel for fear of the imposition of secondary sanctions, in addition, the ship can not leave port due to the fact that the plant does not give the crane for raising the important details of the hold. According to «the Hudson», the Russian Consulate in Shanghai sent to the foreign Ministry of the PRC note on this issue. The shipowner also reported that due to the delay of the ship breaks down a defense contract.

The representative of the Chinese shipyard Sino United Docks Co.,Ltd. (SUD), in turn, told RIA Novosti that the company refuses to complete the work, and prevents the escape of the ship from the port, not for fear of sanctions from the United States, and because of the refusal of the Russian side to pay for the contract. In the Hudson, noted that the plant is billed for work three times more than preliminary estimates, citing the possibility of secondary sanctions.

«Finally we came to an understanding with the factory, their representatives and our representatives sat down at the table and began to bring the reconciliation of expenses for the repair of the vessel. We are probably already overpaid for the work performed and the final reconciliation will bring balance. After signing the act of performed works some of the parties pays money, and the ship will be released from the factory. According to optimistic estimates, the ship will leave the port by 1 November, next week,» said Pliskin.

According to him, reconciliation of costs does not take much time. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, «Hudson» plans to seek arbitration, said Pliskin.