In the United States has accused Russia of building military space laser

© Fotolia / VadimsadovskiСпутники in Earth orbit. Archival photoIn the United States has accused Russia of building military space laser© Fotolia / Vadimsadovski

Assistant Secretary of state for arms control, verification and validation agreements Ilim Poblet has accused Russia of building military space lasers, reports the Daily Mail.

In August of this year, Poblet said that the U.S. is concerned about «strange» behavior of the Russian so-called satellites of the inspectors. «His behavior in orbit was not relevant to anything seem to be informed. And we don’t know exactly what it is, and there is no way to determine that,» she said.

This time Poblet said that Russia has already taken to space and space combat lasers capable of destroying American satellites.

In addition, she stressed that such steps do not meet the diplomatic rhetoric of Russia.

«For US these events are yet another proof that the Russian military actions have not matched their diplomatic rhetoric,» said Poblet.

She also noted that the United States would like to space «free from conflict», but said that the United States is actively working to create their space forces.

In August 2017, the defense Ministry has been informed about the launch into orbit of the maneuvering satellite inspector. He has the technical capabilities of the maneuver to move along the orbit and observation of a type of interaction with other satellites.