«Let them take the credit.» Authorities HMAO mothers threatened with eviction from dilapidated houses on the street

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in photolanguage residential building on the background buildings«Let them take the credit.» Authorities HMAO mothers threatened with eviction from dilapidated houses on the street© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

The mother of three children, Alena Metlitskaya of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district (KHMAO) to the end of the year can stay on the street. Local authorities intend to demolish the dangerous building, which huddles the family, although the new housing the woman has no money. Not one she faced such a problem: in the village of Sunny owners fundamentally disagree with the demands of the authorities. Officials, in their opinion, deliberately understate the estimate of unsuitable housing. As a result, people who are not able to pay for half a million rubles, caught in an impasse. The situation has already drawn the attention of deputies of the state Duma and the Prosecutor General’s office, but things are there.

Further negotiations neither with the village nor the district authorities didn’t yield positive result. It all comes down to one: either to accept the proposed terms, or in a judicial order to release emergency house until 31 December, to take the money and stay on the street.

«I asked you to meet me, saying that my apartment is already down payment. Because I also bought at his own expense. I don’t have an extra 20% of the amount. District authorities suggest to take the credit. But I will not allow it, because I knew all the credits. Well if I had a lot of money, but I really can’t pull out of the pocket an extra two hundred thousand,» complains Alan.

«The administration puts conditions: «Want to get on the list for resettlement, do examination for 60 thousand rubles.» It turns out that the people who pay themselves will be ahead of those who want at their own expense to carry out the examination? And should they pay? No, because they are taxpayers», — the interlocutor is convinced.

After a long bureaucratic battles he got to the Prosecutor’s office of the district forced the authorities to make the house one of the emergency. And then faced with the same, and Metlitskaya, — an underestimation of the housing and a huge amount of additional cost.

The position of the officials

Local authorities do not see in the stories Mamayev and Metlitsky much of a problem. Deputy head Sun Elena Maximova in an interview with RIA Novosti explained that in the village all the owners so out: sell the house, take a loan, borrow money, or instead buy an apartment room. Maximov said that 36 thousand rubles per square meter (so the large apartment the mother) is already too high amount, the money should not count, so in no position to argue. According to Maximova, another possible option for Metlitsky — sell the room for those who will participate in the program on the conditions that she do not like.

To pay for your examination score for the recognition of houses emergency Deputy also sees nothing wrong: «They are forced to. Just have such a right, if you want to speed up the process. In the budget area of money all at once is not enough».
Parliamentary oversight

Meanwhile, only one Solar built two new apartment buildings. Moreover, the village — in the top three in the district on the pace of housing construction. However, the number of settled emergency houses still is not reduced, and people are forced to pay out of pocket. A similar problem exists in other areas of the County. The Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev has repeatedly raised the issue of slippage in the Khanty program on resettlement of citizens. He appealed to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Ponomarev. After verification of the Supervisory authority confirmed information that thousands of citizens continue to live in ramshackle houses that do not meet sanitary standards.

In particular, Sysoev explained to RIA Novosti that the Prosecutor’s office revealed a number of violations by the authorities, the interdepartmental Commission did not include authority to implement regional housing supervision, in addition, it was found the violation of the rights of homeowners, which the administration had not forwarded the Commission’s opinion on the recognition of houses emergency and subject to demolition.

According to the parliamentarian, the regional authorities simply opposed the translation of the old housing status avariynogo — not to spoil the statistics for the program. As a result, says Sysoev, has fired two Vice-Governor for construction, issued regulations to the Governor. Today the situation is partially settled.

«The authorities now allocate subsidies to municipalities of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area without the exhaust mechanism. There is a unified regional subsidy for the improvement of living conditions. For some reason the head of the municipality decides to whom the money is needed. And eventually provide housing for those who consider it necessary» — the Deputy complains.

Sysoyev is confident that the officials always have a few options: they can meet, subsidy to buy housing, to borrow funds from the reserve Fund by decision of the Governor. «The heads of cities have their own measures of support, which they also do not use. Wrong turn away from people, especially if we are talking about mothers. This blasphemy,» he concluded.