Near Saratov the driver got two years for assaulting a police officer

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in foobarcontroller police. Archival photoNear Saratov the driver got two years for assaulting a police officer© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

A court in the Saratov region has sentenced to one year eight months in prison 32-year-old local resident on charges of using violence to the police, who tried to prevent his drunk behind the wheel of a car, said on Thursday the RF IC in your WhatsApp.

«Exuberant driver was sentenced to one year eight months the colony… the Policeman arrived on call residents tried to prevent a drunk driver behind the wheel, and then after a brief chase blocked the car of the offender. However, the man attacked a policeman and even tried to steal a utility vehicle, after which he was detained», — is spoken in the message.

In a video posted on the Youtube channel of the Ministry, depicted as policeman at apartment home suited to a passenger car, appears and asks the driver to produce documents in response to the driver using the mate yells: «Who are you?».

The driver then inspects a police car and tries to leave, the policeman starts chasing the car. When the pursued car was blocked, the police came with a gun in his hand, but the driver did not stop. He jumped out of the car with the words «I told you now would break his legs», then he pounced on the police, and then jumped behind the wheel of an official car and tried to start it. At this moment the video stopped.

According to the regional SUCK, the incident occurred the evening of 11 September in the village of Red textile worker Saratov area of Saratov region. The court found Alexei Podguzova guilty under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation «Application of violence concerning the representative of authority». «During preliminary investigation and in court Poduskov fully admitted his guilt in the incriminated act», — stated in the message.