Offender or dependent. Germany fails to equip its workers

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Streicheleinheiten in photomontages from Syria at the Central railway station in MunichOffender or dependent. Germany fails to equip its workers© RIA Novosti / Sergey Streicheleinheiten the image Bank

The state office of public Prosecutor of Germany investigates the case of a 55-year-old citizen of Syria, who built a fire and seized a hostage at the Central station in Cologne. He announced his intention to leave home to join the ranks of the terrorist organization «Islamic state.»* This is not an isolated case. Many middle Eastern migrants are unable to fit into German society. And they have little choice.

Low wages, benefits or robbery

The official statistics of Germany shows: in three years, only 15-20 percent of refugees have found work. Mostly migrants are employed in the service sector, hotel and restaurant business, where employees do not need a College education. This is the most low-paying jobs. Some are subsidized by the state — encourage entrepreneurs to hire refugees.

Many of the immigrants living on social benefits. Insufficiently motivated to look for work, and often desperate, they take on a criminal path. Despite the fact that overall crime in Germany to 2017 declined, the number of crimes involving foreigners, in contrast, rose 28 percent in 2014 to 35 percent in 2017. Two years ago the figure was even higher — 40 percent.

Migrants are not afraid to break the law because they know to expel them from Germany is not so easy. Despite the tightening of immigration policy in recent times, thousands of cases of this kind are devoid of adverse consequences: many of the refugees, despite the bad reputation, the law does not allow you to send home.

One of the cases, RIA Novosti was told by a former candidate to the Bundestag from the party «Alternative for Germany» (ADH) Sergey Chernov. «One of my local friends is a lawyer, he has two teenage daughters. One day he took his ten-year girl friend in the pool, and there she tried to rape Iranian «refugee», living about five years in Germany,» says Chernov.

According to him, immigrant, who settled in Hanover, has previously been convicted of two sexual offenses, but the judge refused due to lack of evidence. And don’t want to deport because in Iran the rapist threatens the death penalty.

Some of the unsettled migrants unsuccessfully besieging the labour exchange. Find a job in Germany, it was very difficult, because even unskilled labor requires knowledge of the German language.

One of the few refugees who managed to find himself in the economy of Germany, the Syrian Abd al-Asfar. The rate occupied by them is directly connected with the programs for the employment of migrant workers. Today, he is a German IT company at the labour exchange specially developed for refugees. Migrant are constantly working with other settlers, speaks of despair and «disbelief» in their environment.

Against this background, are the ones going home. One of them, Muhammad Koki, admitted to RIA Novosti that he was not able to feel in the European Union as its. Immigrants were, in Europe it was considered a second class citizen, it was difficult to adapt. «Life was hard psychologically, and the climate is cold. All together it was introduced to the depression, each day resembled the previous one, and all were required to do in order, as a blueprint, otherwise followed the fines,» says Coke. When the active phase of the fighting in Syria ended, a refugee chose to take a one-way ticket.
For citizens of Germany clash with thousands of migrants turned into a stress. Many Germans are sure that the decision to allow the country more than a million middle Eastern immigrants should not have taken, without asking the opinion of citizens on the referendum.

The influx of refugees has affected the most vulnerable citizens, not originally seen in the migration of threats. «The rental market for affordable housing swept to an unprecedented crisis, since the state wiped out virtually all proposals of settling hundreds of thousands of migrants in a rented apartment. And now the Germans can’t shoot for affordable housing,» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti former candidate for Bundestag from ADH Eugene Schmidt.

According to him, migration opened the way for specific forms of corruption, when apartment buildings were bought at inflated prices by the authorities for delivery to the refugees at public expense.
Problems in the education system. According to the law on family reunification immigrants can move to Germany with their children. Tension between representatives of different cultures, to find, sometimes literally, a common language among themselves, is reflected in the schools. Frequent complaints of parents on the aggressive middle Eastern Teens.

Three years after beginning the migration, it became clear that it divided the era of Merkel into two parts. Ratings bundeskanzlerin from the end of 2015 surely go down, associates require and seek a reconsideration of migration policies, and the party of German nationalists ADH updates the historical maximum rating.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.