Penza Governor urged to develop the law on the prevention of crime

© Photo : press service of the Governor of the Penza oblastyami Penza region Ivan Belozertsev. Archive photoPenza Governor urged to develop the law on the prevention of crime© Photo : press service of the Governor of the Penza region

The Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev on Thursday proposed to develop regional law and relevant program to enhance crime prevention in the region, said the regional government.

«Ivan Belozertsev offered to prepare a regional law on crime prevention, to develop a regional program to strengthen preventive measures aimed at reducing crime in the territory of a subject of the Russian Federation», — stated in the message.

The initiative of the head of the region announced on Thursday in Penza in an open forum «Topical issues in the field of prevention of offenses and crimes.» According to the Governor, in the region of the level of crime for several years, remains one of the lowest in Russia and in the first nine months of the current year is 707 crimes per 100 thousand population, whereas in the Volga Federal district this figure is 960 crimes, and the country — 1015.

«However, this year the number of reported crimes increased slightly. This obliges us to strengthen measures of prevention, analyze crime patterns, identify the causes, work on them. First and foremost, this applies to targeting… persons prone to alcohol, drug addiction, and not having a stable income, disadvantaged families», — quotes Belozertseva his press service.

He noted that in January-September of the current year by 13.5% reduction in the number of domestic crimes, but the number of crimes in a state of intoxication increased by 3%, the major causes of serious domestic crimes was family trouble, unemployment, property disputes. On the preventive account in the region is 418 persons classified as persons representing a danger to others.

«Today we need to think together about methods of improvement to protect our citizens against domestic brawlers, to protect themselves and persons with unstable behavior from a rash of criminal acts», — said the Governor.