Putin urged officials «not to fall asleep on the move» in the execution of national projects

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in potomacfever Putin. Archival photoPutin urged officials «not to fall asleep on the move» in the execution of national projects© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Vladimir Putin asked officials to be prepared to work hard in the implementation of national projects and «in any case» «don’t fall asleep on the go».

According to the President, the national projects should unite citizens, it is necessary to «segment on a rotating stage in the history» of Russia.

«We cannot act and work as usual. We must realize where we are and accomplishing these tasks we stand», — he stressed.

The head of state noted that it is necessary to carry out the plans.

The contribution of state-owned companies

Putin instructed the leadership of state-owned companies to prepare proposals for the contribution to the implementation of breakthrough projects. Among them he mentioned the VEB, Gazprom, rostec, Rostelecom, Rosneft, Rosatom.

According to Putin, the companies require proposals for «financial, technological, scientific and personnel contributions to programmes and projects breakthrough.»

To rely on their own database

According to Putin, the implementation of national projects need to rely on their own technological and industrial base, at the decision of problems of development it is necessary «to attract technology experts, to build chains — in short, to use all that is best in the world.»

Appropriate technology and equipment necessary to create in Russia and wherever possible, to ensure a high level of localization, Putin said, adding that the need to be part of the world system and force the Russian Finance «to work for the country inside the country».

According to him, to this end, we need to create the capacity available in the defense industry, to increase the output of civilian goods at the enterprises.