Russia wants to revise tariffs for public transport

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Kumaripati in fotobanka bus. Archival photoRussia wants to revise tariffs for public transport© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Kumaripati the image Bank

In Russia may receive a new ticket for the public transport, to the materials of the Ministry of transport.

Rates will depend on when the passenger rides: in the afternoon, when fewer people, or evening — during rush hour.

It is also proposed to create a unified ticketing system with fare payment, which will not depend on the number of transfers, routes and modes of transport. In the framework of this system will benefit when you purchase a monthly pass and more.

This, according to the authors of the project, will stimulate the Russians to use public transport.

Innovations plan to introduce in the framework of realization of strategy of development of public transport until 2030. The implementation period of 2019-2025 years.

The representative of the Ministry of transport said RIA Novosti that the project is still being discussed with the public until it was sent to the relevant Federal bodies of Executive power. The spokesman added that detailed comments can be later.

In turn, the Russian Association of the passengers urged not to raise the price of public transport in the rush hour for working people.

«If the price is reduced for day of passengers from the current values, then this initiative should be welcomed», — said the chairmen of the organization Ilya Zotov.

However, he noted that electronic payment systems monitor the execution of this measure impossible.