The defense Minister of China commented on the accusations of interference in the internal Affairs of States

© AP Photo / Andy Wong, FileФлаг USA on the background emblem of China in Beijing. Archival photoThe defense Minister of China commented on the accusations of interference in the internal Affairs of States© AP Photo / Andy Wong, File

Unfounded accusations US about the intervention of China in their internal Affairs seriously undermined the mutual trust and relations between the two countries, said defense Minister of China Wei Penha at the opening ceremony of the Eighth international Tanshanskogo forum on security issues in Beijing.

«In recent public statements, U.S. officials have accused China of meddling in the internal Affairs of States, and made baseless statements regarding domestic and foreign policy of the PRC, these statements have seriously undermined the relationship of mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries, China expressed respect to the statements of the us side of the protest,» said Wei Fanha.

He said, China calls on the US to change their erroneous statements, to refrain from harming the interests of China and bilateral relations.

«Facts have proved that the relations in the sphere of security based on confrontation and hegemony have become obsolete. Instead of repeating the old story of the cold war, all countries should respect the sovereignty, interests, security and development», — said the head of the defense Ministry of China.

VIII Sandanski forum on security issues held in Beijing on 24-26 October. The forum was organized by the Academy of military Sciences of the PLA and the Chinese Institute for international strategic studies, it also invited experts and former military officials. The theme of the forum this year was «creating mutually beneficial partnerships vzaimodoveritelnoe new type in the sphere of security». Sandanski the first forum was held in 2006, and in 2015, the forum has been held on an annual basis. Last year the forum was not conducted due to the 19-th Congress of the Communist party of China.