The FBI reported a suspicious parcel sent to Congressman waters

© AP Photo / Louis LanzanoСотрудники the FBI. Archival photoThe FBI reported a suspicious parcel sent to Congressman waters© AP Photo / Louis Lanzano

The FBI reported two suspicious parcels sent to Congresswoman Maxine waters.

«In addition to the five parcels, which we previously said in our statement, we now affirm the existence of two additional parcels, they were both sent to the house of representatives member of Congress Maxine waters and similar to each other,» the message posted on Twitter of Department.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump condemned the use of violence as a method of pressure on political opponents. He also assured that his administration will punish the organizers of shipments of explosives ex-officials and urged the country to unite.

Earlier Wednesday, the building Time Warner Center, where is the Bureau of CNN, was evacuated. It was reported that the was found the package with the explosive device, allegedly the former head of the CIA, John Brennan, his name was misspelled.

Also in the last days it became known about a series of suspicious parcels to the addresses of the families of Clinton, Obama, Soros. It is reported that a dangerous parcel was sent and ex-US attorney General Eric Holder, but did not find the target. Suspicious packages were also discovered by the office of the Governor of the state of new York and Congresswoman Maxine waters. As a result of incidents nobody has suffered, all parcels were intercepted in the course of inspections.