The Greek authorities plan to change the way the world image of the refugees

© AFP 2018 / Juan Medina/FileБеженцы from Sudan. Archival photoThe Greek authorities plan to change the way the world image of the refugees© AFP 2018 / Juan Medina/File

International project Home New Home on refugees aims to change the way the world them the wrong way, the presentation of the project took place on Thursday at the Ministry’s digital policy, telecommunications and information Greece.

In the project 32 film about the refugees taken by them. The project was prepared with the support of the Greek Parliament, the UN high Commissioner for refugees, the authorities of Attica and Athens, the Stavros Niarhos Foundation.

«We primarily want to change the image of a refugee established in humans. We want to show that they are all the same as we are», — told RIA Novosti the project Manager Konstantinos spyropoulos. According to him, the refugees themselves indicate what they are.

Deputy Minister of digital policy Lefteris Kretsos said that the migration crisis has shown the human face of Europe, and Greece have proven that this is not Europe of the middle ages or the past.

The President of the Greek Parliament Nikos Voutsis told reporters that the project is important from two points of view.

«First, it helps the formation in the modern world awareness of the serious values of solidarity, co-existence, stance against racism, especially among the younger generation. Secondly, it is one of the few projects where refugees and migrants leave the stage, where others watch the drama of their lives, and become the creators of art, contribute to the formation of such consciousness,» said Voutsis.

He expressed regret that some European governments are not aware of who is responsible for the fact that hundreds of thousands of people – migrants and refugees, families with children and homeless children — became refugees.

Voutsis noted that now the drama of refugees takes place in the US – there went caravans of refugees.

During the presentation of the project was the screening of a short film «Azin» about a little seven year old girl from a family of Kurdish refugees from Syria who went to school in the village of Moria on Lesvos.

The authors showed that refugee children do not differ from peers also teach grammar and mathematics, drawing, doing exercise, music, dancing. When the family Azin went to Germany, the Greek children wrote her a warm letter.

The Director of the school in the village of Moriya Georgios Kapopoulos told that the family azines four children, the family lived in the village for two years, and then went to Germany, and Azin wanted to go back. At school only 10% of refugee children for the rest of the classes can be organised in the reception centres migrants.

According to the Director of the school, Moria, this is not the place, as it show the media is only visible when the negative.»Moriya has 2300 years of history. She does not like her show it,» he said.

The project budget was small — 68 thousand euros, of which 57 thousand euros was provided by sponsors – foundations and companies.

Movies of the project will be shown in Italy, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, and the Greek Islands, who took the majority of refugees and migrants.