The interior Ministry did not rule out the emergence of the Ministry of electric cars

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotoreceptori police outside the State Duma. Archival photoThe interior Ministry did not rule out the emergence of the Ministry of electric cars© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The use of electric cars in the bodies of internal Affairs of Russia was possible, but they will not appear on the supply, at least in the coming years, due to their high cost and the lack of a charging infrastructure, said the representative of the center of special vehicles, NGOs, Ministry of the interior «Special equipment and communication» Dmitry Timchenko.

«The creation and application of the internal Affairs bodies of electric cars possible, but in the survey of manufacturers of equipment for the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs, a reply was received about inappropriate use of the chassis with the motor. This is due to limited discharge cycle and battery, limited cruising range on a single charge, falling under the action of low temperature, lack of charging infrastructure and high cost,» — said Timchenko at the conference in the framework of the XXII International exhibition of means for provision of security «INTERPOLITEX-2018».

However, he noted that the market of electric vehicles there are equivalents which fit the tasks of the bodies of internal Affairs of Russia. For example, patrol vehicles used for patrol services and security traffic can be made on the basis of a mini-electric vehicles (an intermediate option between car and motorcycle) — Renault Twizy or Nissan Land Glider.

As explained Timchenko RIA Novosti, at the moment it is difficult to talk about the possible date of the appearance of electric cars in the bodies of internal Affairs, as there is no required number of stations for charging the vehicles. In addition, they for its price several times higher than counterparts with internal combustion engine.

«If the car «Gazelle Next» is worth 1.3 million rubles, or its equivalent-the electric car is about 6.5 millions in the near future cars of this type in the office just does not appear. In addition, I have not seen any serious programs for the development of these areas, now more promising is the gas», — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the most growing in 2018 became the markets of electric vehicles, China, Canada, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Finland and Australia. Also at the same time, the process of introducing these cars to the police of these countries. He added that the police are there electric cars represent the cars, in terms of its capacity and carrying capacity is comparable to sredneetazhnye cars. Their main task — provision of patrol and pursuit vehicles.

Co-Director, NTI «Avtonet» Alexander Gurko said earlier RIA Novosti that the world sales of electric vehicles in 2017, increased by almost 40%. By 2040 electric cars will account for about 67% of all sales of new vehicles in Europe, 58% in U.S. and 51% in China.