The Ministry of Finance commented on the idea of licences for the export of oil

CC0 / redhawkgroup / oil Production. Archival photoThe Ministry of Finance commented on the idea of licences for the export of oilCC0 / redhawkgroup /

Licensing of export of oil products will not decrease the volumes of export, told reporters the head of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of the RF Alexey Sazanov.

The Russian government is considering a bill providing for the issuance of licenses for export of petroleum products to all manufacturers with the obligatory supply of certain volumes of fuel to the domestic market, but no decisions yet, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak with the oil companies.

«No, of course. «Tails» will be exported. For them no there should not be limits,» said carp, answering the question, does reduce the introduction of licensing exports.

«You just need to fulfill the obligation of supply to the domestic market. If you set the correct obligation to supply the domestic market, thus you will saturate the domestic market and the producers of «tails», which they remain, unable to export», — he explained.

«Saturate the domestic market, you stabilizarea price due to the fact that the goods cannot be purchased and take,» said carp.

Speaking about the necessary internal market volumes of fuel, carp said: «you Have 35 million tons of the entire market of petrol and 35 million tons — the entire diesel fuel market. The volume is known, so here is exactly known the necessary volumes. If you set the obligation to supply the domestic market on 10-15% more of these volumes be a problem with the internal market should not».