The return of the puppet master: the collector the dead girls want to go home

© RIA Novostinearly necrophiliac-the puppet master Anatoly MoskvinThe return of the puppet master: the collector the dead girls want to go home© RIA Novosti

Almost healthy and can heal outpatient rendered a verdict psychiatrists, six years observing Anatoly Moskvin. Nizhny Novgorod scientist arrested in 2011 for what he dug up the grave, kidnapped children’s bodies and made them puppets. Most likely Thursday it will be sent home. Why Moskvin collected his creepy collection, and whether he is a danger to society — in the material RIA Novosti.

On the trail of a vandal

Eight years ago, the visitors of the Nizhniy Novgorod cemeteries began to notice desecrated the tomb of the unknown aerosol spray paint portraits on the monuments, and then Unscrew the plate. Looking for vandal took the police soon suspected a local scientist-historian Anatoly Moskvin. He moonlighted as a freelance correspondent for several local publications and wrote mainly about the history of the cemeteries, and religion. Several articles have interested field investigators of the Center on counteraction to extremism and come back to the scientist home. However, instead of spray paint and other evidence discovered something else shocking.

«In the apartment and in the garage found the suspect about 30 mummified children’s bodies, is said in the SU TFR in the Nizhny Novgorod region. — It turned out that the subject for a long time on the territory of Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regions dug graves of young girls aged from three to 12 years, were removed bodies and made mummies of them. For this he used a special composition of salt and water, in which were placed the corpses dug up and stored in caches near cemeteries.»

Dug out the body, the scientist cited the grave in the original form, so the relatives of the dead were not even aware that come to the excavated burial. In the end, the investigators established the involvement Moskvina to the desecration of dozens of graves and was charged under the article «Violation of bodies died». The scientist did not deny it and in detail told about all 38 episodes.

Vladimir Stravinskas, who was then the post of head of the regional Department of the TFR noted that the case has no parallel in modern criminology, and local historian with a light feeding of journalists has the nickname the puppet master.

According to psychiatrist Dmitry Frolov, the likelihood that the subject will return to previous activities, is extremely small. «He received treatment and was under observation. The very existence of a disorder does not mean that he will again commit a crime, explained Dr. RIA Novosti. — If the healing has already taken place, does not make sense to keep the patient in the hospital. It is only the extra costs and deterioration in the quality of his life. At home, he reabilitarea faster. We must be aware of the law.»

However, the news about the possible imminent release of the Puppeteer, judging by the comments on social networks and urban forums, are seriously alarmed many residents of Nizhny Novgorod.

The alternative suggested Nizhny Novgorod Commissioner for human rights Nadezhda otdelkina. «A possible solution is to put a horse in specialized psychoneurological internat, where you will be provided with the care, control, medical and social rehabilitation, says the Ombudsman. — It would be humane and for himself, for relatives and for neighbors.»

© Photo : Julia Mandantory MoskvinThe return of the puppet master: the collector the dead girls want to go home© Photo : Julia Mandantory Moskvin

On Thursday in Leninsk regional court held a hearing, which will announce the results of judicial-psychiatric examination. According to Romanova, if experts agree that a horse can be transferred to outpatient treatment, he will go home directly from the courtroom.