Ukraine called the title will be «Primate of the Autocephalous Church»

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The Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church in the case of obtaining Thomas will wear the title of Metropolitan, and not the Patriarch, says the head of the non-canonical Church structures of Ukraine Filaret.

Ukraine expects to end the year with the Tomos of autocephaly churches in Ukraine, however, Tomos needs to obtain a Primate of the «United Church», it needs to choose to the unification Council of Orthodox churches in Ukraine, which date is not appointed yet. In this case the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church does not intend to participate in this event.

«Yet the Ecumenical Patriarch wants the Ukrainian Church headed by the Archbishop-Metropolitan, not the Patriarch», — he said in the air of «Ukrainian radio». Thus, according to Filaret, the Primate of the Autocephalous will be two titles. Advanced — Archbishop and Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Rus Ukraine — and abridged for internal use — the Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine.

At the moment the only candidate in the primates of the Autocephalous Church is Filaret.

For «the perpetration of a split in the Church» and «the dictates and blackmail», «perjury» and a number of other acts Metropolitan Filaret (in the world Mikhail Denisenko) in 1992 by decision of the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church was «cut off from Sana» and deprived of all degrees of the priesthood. Two years later «due to the lack of repentance on the part of the monk Philaret» the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church warned him of a possible anathema. As a result, in February 1997, he was excommunicated from the Church.

Other local Churches around the world, including Constantinople and personally its Primate Patriarch Bartholomew, supported the decision of the Moscow Patriarchate Filaret relatively. He created the schismatic «Kiev Patriarchate» still was not recognized by any local Orthodox Church, and only canonical structure in Ukraine considered Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. This is evidenced by the documents, including the letter of Patriarch Bartholomew to Patriarch Alexy II, interviews and other media publications.

However, on 11 Oct 2018 the Patriarchate of Constantinople decided to remove Filaret’s anathema and restore it, as well as one of the schismatic Ukrainian leader Macarius (Miletich) and their followers «in their priestly or Episcopal rank» and «their faithful to return to Church fellowship.»

Because of the decision of Constantinople to begin providing non-canonical autocephaly churches in Ukraine, which the Russian Orthodox Church is called the schism, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on Monday announced the severance of communication with the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the canonical territory of the ROC, including Ukraine and Belarus. The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has called canonically void, and saw politics in the abolition of Constantinople by the act of 1686 on the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Metropolitan Hilarion said that Constantinople lost its right to be called the coordinating centre of Orthodoxy. In the Russian Orthodox Church hope that Constantinople will change the decision to give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, and before that he will be in schism.

Ukraine called the title will be «Primate of the Autocephalous Church»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Policypro Autocephalous