«Aeroflot» will fly to Izhevsk and Ulyanovsk

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotosensibile Airbus A320 Aeroflot. Archival photo«Aeroflot» will fly to Izhevsk and Ulyanovsk© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Aeroflot winter schedule will start operating its regular flights from Moscow to Izhevsk and Ulyanovsk, said the carrier.

«Aeroflot» opens up a whole network of routes from Moscow to cities in the North Caucasus – Vladikavkaz (7 flights a week), terrible (7 flights per week), Makhachkala (21 weekly flights), Nazran (Magas) (7 flights per week), Nalchik (7 flights per week). Also on the list new items appear Izhevsk and Ulyanovsk – on these areas is scheduled for 14 weekly flights,» — said in the message.

In the coming season the company will expand its presence in the CIS market, opening flights from Moscow to Bukhara (2 weekly flights), and Osh (7 flights per week). Also this winter at the map of routes «Aeroflot» there will be three European cities: göteborg (7 flights per week), Dublin (7 flights per week) and Ljubljana (7 flights per week).

Among the new areas will be the longest route is from Moscow to the largest city on the Indonesian island of Bali – Denpasar. The flights will be operated with a frequency of 3 flights a week in conjunction with the affiliated airline «Russia». To the list of items South Asia added the largest metropolis of Sri Lanka — Colombo. This airline «Aeroflot» will perform 5 flights a week, including – together with the subsidiary airline «Russia».

In the winter schedule will increase the number of flights to Russian cities: Arkhangelsk (from 21 to 28 per week), Belgorod (from 14 to 21 per week), Volgograd (from 35 to 42 in a week), Yekaterinburg (from 63 to 70 in a week), Kazan (from 49 to 54 per week), Kemerovo (from 7 to 14 per week), Nizhnevartovsk (from 14 to 21 per week), Saint Petersburg (from 140 to 154 per week) Saratov (from 21 to 28 per week), Surgut (from 14 to 21 per week), Ufa (from 42 to 56 per week) and Chelyabinsk (from 35 to 42 in a week).

In addition, this winter «Aeroflot» will be more likely to fly to Miami. The number of flights on this route will increase from 4 to 5 per week, says the carrier.