«ALROSA» in 2019, announces a new collection of diamonds

© Photo : Press service of the company «ALROSA»Diamond Dynasty. Archive photo«ALROSA» in 2019, announces a new collection of diamonds© Photo : Press service of the company «ALROSA»

ALROSA, has successfully implemented the collection of diamonds «Dynasty», next year announces a new project, told RIA Novosti CEO of the company Sergey Ivanov.

«Planned», — he told, answering a question, are there any plans to create a new collection of stones after «Dynasty».

«We have a number of ideas for cutting our forces several unique diamonds. Next year we will announce the projects», — said Ivanov.

He noted that the name for the new collection hasn’t been invented yet, you need to find something that would sound.

The collection, dubbed «Dynasty» consists of five diamonds and is crafted from a single diamond carat weight 179. Unique crystal, named «Romanov», was produced in 2015 diamondiferous Nyurbinskaya mine in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The main diamond of the collection was sold at auction in August. This round stone weighing 51,38 CT. The total revenue from the sale of the collection «Dynasty» was about $ 10 million.