Foreign Policy has removed the words hug the absence of Russian forces in the Donbass

© RIA Novosti / Olesya Photovery the Deputy head of SMM OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug at a checkpoint, the Village of the Luhansk<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/10/ec21b131b21189179b3c3f501e687cfb.jpg" alt="Foreign Policy has removed the words hug the absence of Russian forces in the Donbass" />© RIA Novosti / Olesia Potapova

The editors of Foreign Policy magazine was removed from the interview the words of the first Deputy head of the monitoring of spermaceti OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug about the absence of direct evidence of the presence of Russian troops in East Ukraine.

The application material States that a replica of the Hg was removed due to the fact that it «passed the point that he wanted to convey.» The official agreed with the revisions and stated that the mission «makes no findings and provides no evidence».

In the original version of the material in the quotation hug said that the OSCE did not see direct evidence of Russian presence in the Donbass. He also said the mission had seen in the East of Ukraine people in jackets with «identification marks of the Russian Federation,» but noted that «these jackets can be bought everywhere».

In Parliament remote from the article the statement by the BBC called «flawed and unfortunate.»

Kyiv authorities is not the first time accused Russia of meddling in Ukraine and called Moscow a party to the conflict in the Donbass. The Russian foreign Ministry called these allegations «unsubstantiated insinuations». The defense Ministry has repeatedly stressed that it does not deliver in DND and LNR military equipment and militias does not provide any help.