He admitted carrying out the early elections in Moldova in 2019

© Sputnik / Miroslav to Waterpalace in Photobacterium of Moldova Igor Dodon. Archival photoHe admitted carrying out the early elections in Moldova in 2019© Sputnik / Miroslav to Retirerait the image Bank

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon said that after the elections in February 2019 MPs will not be able to form a parliamentary majority, so the country can expect early elections, and the probability is over 50%.

«Or after the election will be formed the parliamentary majority of socialists and independents, or we will face early elections. The probability of such an outcome is more than 50%, and the current government, it is a big problem», — stated the TV channel TV8.

According to him, the chance to enter the Parliament today there are three parties — the Party of socialists of the Republic of Moldova Democratic party of Moldova and the Union of the two Pro-European opposition groups — platform «virtue and truth» and the party «Action and solidarity».

«Administrative resources can be used (the ruling party) to influence the outcome of elections in two ways: to prevent the registration of individual candidates or to cancel the results of voting in certain constituencies. But this is extremely problematic because there is a risk of massive protests and non-recognition of the elections, one does not recognize the results,» the President said.

Moldovan deputies in late July decided that the next elections of deputies will pass in the country on 24 February 2019. They will first be held under a mixed electoral system. Under the new rules, half of the deputies selected under party lists and the other in single-mandate constituencies.

The mixed electoral system provides for the continuation for parties of minimum 6-percent threshold for representation in Parliament, the elections in single-member constituencies in a single round, the election of the special districts of the Transnistrian region, and also the fact that Diaspora will have their representatives in the Parliament of Moldova. Local law stipulates that parliamentary elections in Moldova are held every four years.