HIF explained the situation with the replacement of insurance policies

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The replacement of the compulsory medical insurance policies is held in a planned manner, but the old policies remain in force, reported in a press-service of Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

«All the policies issued earlier, including the old model are perpetual and continue to operate throughout the Russian Federation. Medical assistance programme for compulsory medical insurance will be provided to them in full», — follows from the release.

If a policy holder wants to change it to document a new sample, he may appeal to the insurance medical organization specified in an existing policy. This can be done at any time in accordance with the schedule of work of points of delivery of policies.

If the insured citizen is not satisfied with the quality of work of an insurance organization, once a year he has the right to change it. In addition to the November 1, should apply to any other insurance moderanization.

A list of organizations and their activities can be found on the websites of the health insurance organizations and territorial mandatory medical insurance Fund.

Previously, the Moscow health insurance Fund reported that from November 1 would suspend the issuance of new policies and will resume in January. According to the Foundation, more than half of the insured Muscovites still use the document of the old sample.

According to the law in an emergency situation, the medical institution has no right to refuse the patient with the old policy help or hospitalization. But failure is possible if the case is not an emergency.

The policy of the new uniform was introduced in 2011 due to the large number of varieties. Now between regions of the system of mutual payment for medical care received outside the region of insurance: for example, the bill for treatment of a Muscovite in the Krasnodar region sent to the Moscow city mandatory medical insurance Fund.