In Alaska, the eruption of the volcano

© AP Photo / Scott DickersonИзвержение volcano in Alaska. Archival photoIn Alaska, the eruption of the volcano© AP Photo / Scott Dickerson

The eruption of the volcano recorded on the island Semisopochnoi in the composition of the Aleutian archipelago (Alaska USA), in the area declared «orange» (the penultimate) code hazard to aviation, according to the website of the Center for monitoring volcanoes Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO).

«Strong seismic tremors, corresponding to the eruption that began at 4.47 in UTC time (GMT 7.47) and is currently weakening. Data from satellites in the area of 5.00 in UTC time (8.00 GMT) showed a small ash cloud at a height of 12 thousand feet (about 3.6 thousand meters) above sea level», — stated in the message.

«AVO raises aviation code and the severity level to orange,» according to the website of the Observatory.

Aleutian Islands — an archipelago in the North Pacific ocean, southwest of Alaska. Part of the territory of Alaska.