In Crimea, the EU’s position on the sea of Azov is called hypocritical

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura in fotosensibile the coast of the Crimea. Archival photoIn Crimea, the EU’s position on the sea of Azov is called hypocritical© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura the image Bank

Position of EU countries on the sea of Azov, where there are accusations of Russia, hypocritical, said the Vice-Premier of the Crimean government, the permanent representative of the Republic under the President of the Russian Federation Georgy Muradov.

Earlier, the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini said that the militarization of the sea of Azov can lead to destabilization of the situation in the whole black sea region. She also accused the Russian Federation in the inspection of ships in the sea of Azov, which leads to delayed delivery and increased costs. In addition, the European Parliament approved on Thursday a resolution calling for the EU authorities to provide for the strengthening of sanctions against Russia in case of «escalation» of the situation in the Azov sea. In addition, the Executive authorities, the EU proposed that the possibility of creating the post of «special envoy for the Crimea and Donbass».

«At the level of the European Union are outraged by the fact that in the sea of Azov they don’t like that it is absolutely legitimate to inspect ships. It’s no wonder, it is a measure of the hypocrisy of the European Union», — Muradov said to journalists.

He noted that the European Union «knows, sees and says nothing» about the Kiev authorities, who as «extremist pirates» seized a Russian boat with the sailors in the Azov sea. «It is very strange that they have a fragmented vision turns. One piece eye sees and the other does not» — said Muradov.

According to him, the Russian side in Kerch Strait operates legally. «It is absolutely legitimate in the face of threats of extremist and terrorist activities, our guards are required to inspect and examine those vessels that pass under the bridge and go into the waters of the sea of Azov», — said Muradov.

Vice Prime Minister also noted that in the world there are examples of joint use of the waters of the two States. «For example, between the United States and Canada is the Great American lakes. Between France and Switzerland is lake Geneva. We are not interested in how they swim there. So let’s not climb into our business those who are not supposed to get involved. They soon will so regulate the water of the Moscow river. So absolutely rigid and firmly we stand on the position that it is not their business, and certainly to the European Union it is certainly not irrelevant», — Muradov said.

In the beginning of the year the situation deteriorated with the navigation in the Azov sea. In March Ukraine detained the Russian trawler «Nord», put forward against its captain charged with illegal visit to Crimea «with the aim of causing harm to the state interests». In August in the port of Kherson detained the tanker «Mekhanik Pogodin».

Moscow found the actions of the Kiev «sea terrorism» and responded by increasing border inspections in his part of the Azov sea. Then the Ukrainian border guards have accused the Russian authorities of «hard policy of detention and inspection of ships». The Crimean border guard service stated that it conducts audits in accordance with international law of the sea and had not received complaints from ship owners. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry admitted that Russian border guards do not violate the protocols during the inspection. Later Kiev announced its intention to increase its military presence in the Azov sea and create a naval base.

In Crimea, the EU’s position on the sea of Azov is called hypocritical© Vitaly Policyarea beguiled