In Crimea, warned Kyiv about the consequences of a breach of contract on the Azov sea

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polygenically of the Public chamber of the Republic of Crimea Grigory Ioffe. Archival photoIn Crimea, warned Kyiv about the consequences of a breach of contract on the Azov sea© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polehenko

The rupture of the contract with Russia on joint use of the Azov sea can create a dangerous situation for Ukraine, said the head of the Public chamber of the Crimea Grigory Ioffe.

Earlier the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and member of the «Block Poroshenko» Vadim Denisenko has warned the leadership of the country from breaking the agreement with Russia on joint use of the Azov sea. Thus he called to build a group of Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea.

«In modern conditions the gap of any agreements mean the relationship between the non-contracted entities. It does not need to be diplomats, leaders and politicians to understand that any, even a bad agreement is better chaotic non-contractual communication. When these movements occur between countries that have completely different political, economic and diplomatic weight, as Russia and Ukraine, it is always dangerous for a country with less weight. So this is a very dangerous situation for Ukraine,» — said RIA Novosti Ioffe.

According to him, the official Kiev from the outside are pushing for the escalation of the conflict in the sea of Azov.

«I am absolutely convinced that all these movements are incited from outside of Ukraine, those who want to ignite a smoldering conflict, thinking that the Atlantic ocean will not allow the conflict to spill over into the territory of another hemisphere. I am convinced that in Ukraine there are political realists who understand how it all might end, and so I am convinced that the hot phase of the conflict will not come,» said Joffe.

In the beginning of the year the situation deteriorated with the navigation in the Azov sea. In March Ukraine detained the Russian trawler «Nord», put forward against its captain charged with illegal visit to Crimea «with the aim of causing harm to the state interests». In August in the port of Kherson detained the tanker «Mekhanik Pogodin».

Moscow found the actions of the Kiev «sea terrorism» and responded by increasing border inspections in his part of the Azov sea. Then the Ukrainian border guards have accused the Russian authorities of «hard policy of detention and inspection of ships». The Crimean border guard service stated that it conducts audits in accordance with international law of the sea and had not received complaints from ship owners. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry admitted that Russian border guards do not violate the protocols during the inspection. Later Kiev announced its intention to increase its military presence in the Azov sea and create a naval base.