In Omsk the patient beat the doctor keyboard

© RIA Novosti / Barbara Vertebrate the study. Archival photoIn Omsk the patient beat the doctor keyboard© RIA Novosti / the barbarian Gertie

Forty-seven-year patient of one of hospitals of Omsk, demanding her conduct not specified in the direction of the ultrasound, the doctor was hit on the head with a keyboard, informs on Friday investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the region.

In management noted that they began pre-investigation checks on the basis of information published in the media about the beating of the inhabitant of Omsk women-doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics.

«According to preliminary data, October 24 in one of medical institutions of Omsk the patient, requiring ultrasound, which was not specified in the direction, struck the keyboard from the computer to the blow to the head doctor, causing brain concussion», — stated in the message.

During the inspection, the investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident and give a legal assessment of the behavior of the patient.

According to local publication «Superock», the patient came to have the ultrasound study with the direction for a particular kind of ultrasound, but the doctor found that this kind of ultrasound is crossed out and instead written by another pen. Therefore, the doctor refused to carry out the woman study, which she did.