In Thailand, there remains a risk of landslides, despite the weather forecasts

© Depositphotos / chatri2513Бангкок, Thailand. Archival photo.In Thailand, there remains a risk of landslides, despite the weather forecasts© Depositphotos / chatri2513

Heavy rains and danger of landslides and the short-term floods continue in Thailand, despite the fact that the calendar and the weather forecasts, made last week, the rainy season was supposed to end on Friday.

The rains are still coming to Bangkok in a few provinces of Central, Eastern and southern Thailand, including in tourist areas, such as Chonburi province (which is located in the resort town of Pattaya), Rayong, Prachuap Kirikhan (the resort area of Hua hin and Cha-Am), in the province Phang, neighboring the world-famous resort island of Phuket.

On Friday evening in the Thai capital, the rain fell with strong winds that lasted only about an hour but caused giant traffic jams, as the rain started in the midst of the evening rush hour. In the rain in several places in the historic centre of Bangkok, the wind broke off the top branches of large trees that fell on the roadway and the roofs of cars, further endangering the movement of vehicles. Many of the streets flooded to 10-15 cm.

The same evening, at the end of the day on the website of the office for the prevention and management of natural disasters, Ministry of interior of Thailand, there was a warning about heavy rainfall expected in Central, southern and Eastern provinces of the country on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The interior Ministry warned of the likelihood of intermittent flooding and landslides in mountainous areas.

The rainy season in Thailand lasts from mid-June to mid-late October. The calendar border of the rainy season in October, according to the traditional Thai calendar is the date of the end of Buddhist lent, which this year fell on Wednesday, 24 October.

SYNOPTIC calendar based on years of observation of the Thai weather forecasters, refers to 2018 as the end date of the rainy season, Friday 26 October, reported RIA Novosti Advisor to the Bangkok weather Bureau Kraisak Sisangan who have worked in the weather service for over forty years.

«The calendar is a cool season starts tomorrow, Saturday 27 October. But, of course, literally to interpret this calendar is impossible, he is very rough and is created almost exclusively for official use: experts are well aware that all dates on it are approximate and conditional,» — said the expert.

«In the beginning of the week, several media published the news based on this calendar, which somehow fell into the hands of journalists that Saturday starts the cool season, and in many regions should shortly expect drought,» — said the forecaster.

He explained that drought, though possible in the cool season, is still more characteristic of another season following the cool — hot, which in Thailand usually starts in mid-February and continues until mid-June.

«Despite all the scientific advances in weather prediction, nature often violates the predictions made by people. Moreover, the climate change, which is observed worldwide, negates the statistics collected over decades, and it is this statistic, although with the most modern methods of analyzing weather conditions, still remains one of the foundations of the process of weather prediction,» said Sisangan.

«Please note that, for example, changed the cool season over the last 30 years: previously, even in Bangkok, not to mention the North and North-East of the country in November and December, residents had to wear a warm jacket because daytime temperatures often dropped to 15 — 17 degrees, now even the nighttime temperatures during these months rarely fall to such marks» — said the expert.In Thailand, there remains a risk of landslides, despite the weather forecasts© Infografiken worst natural disasters of the XXI century