In the mountains of Crimea, the snow fell

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Malaussena on the mountain AI-Petri in the Crimea. Archival photoIn the mountains of Crimea, the snow fell© RIA Novosti / Sergey Maligawa

Some snow fell in the mountains of Crimea, reports the Crimean Directorate on Hydrometeorology and environment monitoring.

«AI-Petri (mountain in the array AI-Petri Yayla refers to the Yalta region – ed.) was formed snow cover height of 2 centimeters,» — said in the message.

According to forecasters, in connection with the passage of a cold front of the Atlantic cyclone in the Western, Central and Eastern regions of the Crimea in the last days there were heavy rains 16-20 millimeters, which is 50% of the monthly norm.

«Increased South-West changing to North-West wind of 15-20 m/sec. On some rivers of the Northern foothills and the southern coast of Crimea occurred the increase of water levels within 1-6 cm of the Damage to sectors of the economy and population, heavy rains and strong wind caused, as has not reached the criteria for severe weather,» — said in the message.

In the following days and until the end of the month, according to forecasters, the weather will improve: rains stop, daytime temperatures rise to 20-25 degrees, at night — up to 8-13 degrees Celsius.