Media reported that Russian Lisov faces a life sentence in the United States

© Photo : Daria Lesovedenie at the request of the FBI in Spain, a Russian citizen Stanislav Lisov. Archive photoMedia reported that Russian Lisov faces a life sentence in the United States© Photo : Daria Lisova

Russian programmer Stanislav Lisov, ekstrudirovannogo from Spain to the US on charges of committing kiberprestupniki, faces life in prison, reports the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to the defendant’s attorney Arkady Bukh.

«Stanislav may be imposed a sentence that exceeds the expected duration of his life in prison. That is, it is actually a life sentence. Although in most cases for such crimes do not give more than 25 years in prison. But it’s, you know, a lot. So now we are waiting for an offer from the prosecution, when the case of recognition of Stanislaus, he can obtain a relatively low period,» said the defender.

He also said that the Russian programmer pleads not guilty and awaits trial by jury. The sentence can make in the next year or even in 2020.

Buch added that foxes are contained in fairly normal conditions, noting that «compared to other American prisons here, good food and generally calm atmosphere».

Lisova detained in January 2017 in Barcelona. In January 2018, the Russian was transferred from Spain to the USA, where he is accused of cybercrimes. The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers States that Lisova suspect in the development of the «banking Trojan» NeverQuest, which he kidnapped 855 thousand dollars, and also unsuccessfully tried to carry out other illegal financial transactions for us $ 4.4 million. This software was developed for obtaining access to personal computers and computers of financial institutions for the purpose of stealing banking details, map information and financial transactions. In addition, it is assumed that «suspect was selling on the «black market» information access and personal information of their victims».