Novak opposed the renewal of the export allowance to the tariff of Russian Railways, told the media

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva in photobackgrounds office of transportation and logistics services of the Railways. Archival photoNovak opposed the renewal of the export allowance to the tariff of Russian Railways, told the media© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva the image Bank

Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak on October 24 sent a Vice-Premier Maxim Akimov a letter opposing plans for the extension of the export premium of 8% to the tariff of Russian Railways, the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the document.

As stated in the letter, last year’s version of the long-term development program (IDR) of Russian Railways till 2025 was used as the basis for developing approaches to establish long-term tariff system. FAS its order «fixed parameters establish a long-term rate, determined a long-term target allowance to compensate the expenses of the Railways, and has provided for a reduction in 2019 of the upper limit of the tariff corridor».

However, on 17 October, the Ministry of transport has directed to the Ministry of Railways proposals for adjusting DPR and tariff changes, «which directly contradicts earlier decisions on long-term rates,» the previous projects of the program and materials of the meeting of the presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex, says Novak. We are talking about the export allowances of 8%, indexation of the payment for empty run of 63 billion rubles, the implementation of the funding mechanism modeately and new lines at the expense of the owners.

Ministry of energy «does not support the proposals of the Railways and considers that their implementation will jeopardize the long-term tariff policy on railway transport», the newspaper reports. Increased transport costs will have a negative impact on investment programs of energy companies, increase the risk assessment of the investment environment in the industry, will reduce the possibility of attracting funds, «which are already limited due to the sanctions.»

Estimates of the manufacturers, their additional expenditure from the allowance will amount to 253 billion rubles, of which more than half the coal miners. Chance to avoid the expense of shippers — the decision of surcharge has not yet been issued. The Board of the FAS 25 October approved for the Railways only the General indexing on the principle of «inflation minus 0.1%» and the other changes continues. The final decision is expected at the meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, which will take place on October 29 at the station Bekasovo Marshalling.