Rescuers informal: as «white collar» become a volunteer

© RIA Novosti / Grigory Casevacanze rescue volunteers in AparinkiRescuers informal: as «white collar» become a volunteer© RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoev

Sunday in the suburban Aparinki trainings of public search and rescue teams. Participation in them took more than 500 people. On weekdays they are clerks and workers, but in his spare time, lifeguards, firefighters and medics. The RIA Novosti correspondent found out why «white collar» they volunteer, and how the values change after the first work in the field.

In «tanuta» state Arseniy working in the unit for four years. The rescue of Muscovites, he devotes three days per month. At its first working out Babaitsev saved an elderly Muscovite. Pensionerka and are unable to stand, relatives, unable to open the door, called the emergency services. The call came a detachment Babaitsau and, as the textbook, opened the entrance with minimal losses.

«Although this is a standard check-out, autopsy process is always interesting. The same operations do not happen, all the features. All that a rescuer-a volunteer, it equipment and skills, and the place is already necessary to include the ingenuity and work, based on the situation», – says Arseniy.

Rescue pensioners of the private apartments, adds Yuri Ivanov, one of the main activities of the Moscow volunteers. On a place rescuers not only need to gently open the door, but to be able to use the fire stairs to go down to the window from the roof, to provide first aid. The teachings of all of these volunteers work on 20 plus points, which are simulated major emergency situations that rescuers face at work.

«Pond we are working on the rescue from the water, here is the first aid in case of accident and evacuation of the injured,» – said Ivanov, pointing to the site with two inverted machines. One just gets the statistics. «Victim» is crying is so natural that believed it and when.

To the General howl not only joins Kratos. Handsome black Beauceron with dignity sitting next to its owner Dmitry Paramonov, and sometimes butts him in the leg, demanding attention. An active attorney and six years as a member of a canine search and rescue team «Altair» admits with a smile: before the advent of pet on the work of the rescuer-the cynologist he thought.

«When the decision was made, I thought, than I want her to do. Of course, there are traditional methods of training, but in PSO – is another matter. This is a great training which helps to build a strong contact and trust between owner and pet,» – said Paramonov.

In the October exercise lack small audience at the canine center no – this year in Aparinki came to children working in tourism under the auspices of the municipal services. «Dog point» younger students linger even longer than the fire cells – everyone wants to pet dogs Popenko. Despite the small age, some children already have something to boast about on the rescue field.

«I had been helping my mom put up fliers on missing children. But if she leaves, I help around the house,» says the fifth-grader Dasha. On a question, whether it considers that helpful, the girl nods seriously. On a pink cap funny bounces of a huge pompom. «Of course, it is very important. Why? Because children should always be with their parents, and not alone somewhere in the forest,» she says.