Rostov oblast has signed 12 agreements with French partners

© Depositphotos / SergPoznanskiyМужчина signs the documents. Archival photoRostov oblast has signed 12 agreements with French partners© Depositphotos / SergPoznanskiy

Rostov oblast has signed 12 agreements with French partners during the presentation of its trade, economic and investment potential at the Russian Embassy in France, according to the government of the Rostov region.

According to the Governor of the region Vasily Golubev, the Rostov region is developing rapidly, and much attention is paid to mutually beneficial relations with France, as evidenced by the turnover growth of 35% by the end of 2017.

«On mutual interest, says a recent visit to the don land, the Ambassador of France in Russia, Mrs. Sylvia Berman, who was held in late September… In 2019, we expect the business mission of French entrepreneurs in the Rostov region», — said the Governor, noting that the signed agreement would serve to strengthen existing ties and lay the Foundation for a new interaction.

Thus, the number of agreements concluded Taganrog aviation scientific-technical complex, which, in particular, pariruet to create on the territory of the European training center for pilots of Airbus in Toulouse, the centre for qualification and training of pilots of seaplanes. Also consider the possibility of the organization of licensed production of amphibious aircraft be-103 on the territory of France.

Another cooperation agreement to preserve the history of the development of the Cossacks was signed between «Novocherkassk Museum of the don Cossacks» and the Union of the memory of the life-guard Cossack His Majesty’s regiment. Two other agreements dealt with the protection of the environment.

The official delegation of the Rostov region took part in the European trade show SIAL which is held every two years in Paris, devoted to food and the technologies associated with food. This year it took place from October 21-25. Rostov region was represented by 120 types of products the 25 largest producers in the region.