Russia has not rejected dialogue with NATO, said Grushko

© AFP 2018 / Thierry CharlierПостоянный the representative of the Russian Federation to NATO Alexander Grushko. Archival photoRussia has not rejected dialogue with NATO, said Grushko© 2018 AFP / Thierry Charlier

Moscow does not reject dialogue with NATO, in the framework of the Council Russia-NATO (SRN) will seek to continue contacts of the military, said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

«We do not exclude at all the dialogue, because we believe that in the conditions of increased military activity in Europe, of course, necessary conversation in order to achieve a de-escalation to prevent dangerous military incidents, in order to avoid misunderstanding of intentions,» — said Grushko in an interview with TV channel «Russia 24».

«We at the NRC will work to restore the dialogue on military lines, because NATO all the time saying: «let us work together». But as long as frozen military contacts, to really move towards development of the Toolkit, which is designed to avoid dangerous military incidents to avoid escalation, it will turn out nothing» — he added.

According to him, NATO as organization is not able to adapt to the new security environment, the history of its activities — history of failures.

«They believe that it is the most successful Alliance in human history. Next year will mark 70-summer anniversary (NATO). But if we look at what was done by NATO, is a series of tragedies,» he said. As Grushko said, this is confirmed by events in Kosovo, in Libya, in Afghanistan.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the date of the new Council NATO-Russia was not yet determined consultations with Russia continues.

As noted by the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, almost all forms of cooperation of NATO and Russia is frozen, Moscow is concerned about the complete lack of professional dialogue between military.

Russia has not rejected dialogue with NATO, said Grushko© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka: history expansion