Singer Sinead O’connor has moved from Catholicism to Islam and changed his name

© AP Photo / Antonio CalanniПевица Sinead O’connor. Archival photoSinger Sinead O’connor has moved from Catholicism to Islam and changed his name© AP Photo / Antonio Calanni

Irish singer Sinead O’connor announced his decision to switch from Catholicism to Islam and said that now her name is Shuhada, the magazine writes Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, the new singer’s name means in Arabic «Martyr.» Daily Mail writes that the decision to become a Muslim, the singer said on Twitter, which also published photos in hijab. This account is under the name of Shuhada of DeWitt (Shuhada’ Davitt) — Twitter is not verified, and official profile O’connor has no record in 2015.

«This is the logical end of the way of any reasonable theologian. All Scriptures are to Islam, and this means that all other writings are unnecessary. I will have a new name — Shuhada,» wrote the singer.

The publication also notes that last Friday, O’connor posted a video which sings the adhan (call to prayer).

In August 2017, it was reported that the singer was hospitalized in the U.S. after Facebook appeared in her video appeal for help and recognition of severe mental condition.

O’connor, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in June last year denied allegations that he tried to commit suicide. A month before she went missing, not returning from a walk. Then the police found her during the day.

In 1990, O’connor received the prestigious music award «Grammy» for the album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. Information about the breakdown of the singer appeared throughout her musical career, she also stated several times about leaving the music business.