The authorities will again offer a large family of KHMAO new housing

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Europarat in fotobanka housing. Archival photoThe authorities will again offer a large family of KHMAO new housing© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Europarat the image Bank

The power of the Surgut district KHMAO a third time in 2017 will offer a new apartment in the housing program Metlicka a large family living in a dilapidated building planned for demolition, reported RIA Novosti head of the Department of management of municipal property and Realpolitik district administration Vyacheslav Shagin.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the village of Sunny Surgutsky district bought an apartment in the house, which was soon recognized as an emergency. According to the woman, the municipality has assessed its housing 930 thousand rubles, proposing the resettlement program a new apartment, which will pay about the same, but with an initial payment of 20% and with the subsequent installments. With the assessment of the value of their homes, she did not agree, lamenting also the lack of funds for supplements.

«Speaking of Sunny, where the citizen lives (Metlitsky), it is the leader of the district by the number of damaged houses… Now about 30 homes there in disrepair, Sunny spent on the resettlement of 705 million rubles. It’s more than 300 apartments this year alone. This particular citizen, which two years ago bought a house — almost a year later, the house was recognized emergency — we… offered redemption value — 971 thousand rubles», — said Shahin.

According to him, a square meter in two-storey wooden apartment house in which he lives Metlitsky, estimated more than 34 thousand roubles. She was offered either to take the money as prescribed in the Housing code for such cases, or to move into an apartment, bought by the municipality, on the conditions of the district program. New housing Metlitsky offered twice in 2017, while the cost of apartments was different, but in both cases she refused, citing a large charge, said the representative of the administration. He said that the district authorities will soon make her another offer.

«The surcharge will be 880 thousand rubles for 10 years, she will have to pay less than 6,6 thousand per month for it. Interest rates on mortgages are much worse… Our program has declarative character, that is, citizens either agree to her terms or not. We are the only in the Khanty who provides credit, if they are moving in the new apartment. Provided preferential category for which the initial payment of 20%, the rest of you, and 10%, in addition, the installment plan is not for five years, and ten. She falls into that category,» explained Shahin.

Thus, according to him, there are cases when people buy flats already classified as dilapidated houses, however, the municipality offers them a new living space for the same price at which it acquires from developers. If the redemption value of old apartments they are not satisfied, talk to the authorities in the legal field, challenging, independent assessment of the emergency housing, said the Agency interlocutor.

«A quarter of the population of the Surgut district is 30 thousand people living in unsuitable or unsafe housing. District — leader in the region, because 17% of the total of such Fund for the Khanty is here. To settle, you need roughly 25 billion rubles. These funds right now no, but in 2014 the district spent on the purchase of new housing, 4.4 billion rubles, of which in the current year on these purposes will be allocated more than 1.7 billion rubles. A huge amount of, frankly,» added Shahin.