The Central Bank compared «, Cerberi» the pyramid MMM

© Fotolia / jul_stСвернутая pyramid of notes. Archival photoThe Central Bank compared «, Cerberi» the pyramid MMM© Fotolia / jul_st

Group of companies «Cerberi», in which the Central Bank saw signs of a financial pyramid, in contrast to the MMM in its activity was less affected by large settlements, focusing on active engagement with customers via social media — from their actions affected tens of thousands of people, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Bank of Russia Valery Lyakh.

In late September, the Central Bank said that it has handed over to the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry information about the group of Russian and foreign companies, operating under the brand «Cerberi». The regulator has provided in the activity «Cerberi» «clear signs of financial pyramids». As such, the representative of the Central Bank called the activity based on the principles of network marketing that promises high returns and aggressive advertising in the media and social networks.

Two weeks later the head of the company Arthur Vardanyan via Youtube announced that the company goes on break until November and therefore suspends the Deposit and withdrawal of funds.

No money, no friends

«According to our preliminary expert estimates, the potential damage can be more than a billion rubles from the activities of fraud suffered by several tens of thousands of people. More precisely is difficult to say – and during our work, and even now, in the project involved new people,» said Lyakh, commenting on the potential damage of a pyramid for the citizens.

According to him, the signals of the «Casbee,» the regulator received from their regional offices, who reported that there was an organization which conducts active promotion and advertisement tells that provide financial services, although there are no signs of real activity.

«Both pyramids acted throughout the country. But «Cerberi» in contrast to MMM, to a lesser extent affected the large towns, cities. MMM advertised from each of the television box, but when involvement in it was not so involved personal contacts when people are actively campaigning to invest in a pyramid of relatives and friends», — said the head of the Department of the Central Bank in question, if we compare the scale of the pyramids.

«In the case of «Casbee» this course was used, including through the development of social networks – thanks to them, now have more opportunities for communication, can be sent to each advertising link, a short message. Modern methods of influence used by scammers, unfortunately, are undermining confidence not only in our financial system, but to people, friends, acquaintances, relatives, and from a human point of view, it is worse. The man is without money, and without friends,» said Lyakh.

However, he noted that a large shaft of complaints», Cerberi» was not. «Not all managed to realize that suffered losses – due payments on offer pseudoinstruments stretched for a year or more,» said Lyakh.

The court

The Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit of the group, and then sent to the Pervomaisky district court of Rostov-on-don, at the place of registration of the company, the claim about blocking sites «, cerberi.RF» and «» on the territory of Russia. The lawsuit from the Prosecutor’s office of the Kirov district of Rostov-on-don was submitted to the court on September 28.

The «Casbee» positions itself as a p2p investment platform that allows individuals to give the borrowed funds to other individuals. On the platform’s website stated that Arthur Vardanyan owns the idea and all of your sites and products holding. It also includes micro-credit company «Warsaw», OOO «Casbee» and was in 2016 in the UK PLC «Cashbery Limited». The site stated that the head office of the holding is located in Dubai.

The full text of the interview is available on the website of the Agency of economic information «Prime» (the media group «Russia today») at 10.00 GMT.