The court in Moscow will consider the question of divorce comedians Petrosyan and Stepanenko

© Photo : official website Petrosynthese Eugene Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko. Archive photoThe court in Moscow will consider the question of divorce comedians Petrosyan and Stepanenko© Photo : official website of Evgeny Petrosyan

Hamovnichesky court of Moscow on Friday will continue to review claims for divorce humorists Eugene Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko and division of their property, told RIA Novosti in court.

The meetings are held behind closed doors. As expected, the judge will make a decision on the application for partial removal of arrest from accounts of the couple. Now, as reported earlier, lawyer Sergei Zhorin, they can’t even pay utility costs.

The court hears from two lawsuits: the first was filed by the lawyers Stepanenko, counterclaim — the representatives of the Petrosyan. As we learned earlier, the artists tried to negotiate peace, but are unable to independently divide the property — one of the apartments of the pair in the center of Moscow is practically the same as the rest of the property, but none of the spouses is not ready to leave her. The copyright on works they have not yet divided. The court seized the disputed property to one of the spouses did not try to sell him to the decision of the court. Due to formal violations of property located in the suburbs, under arrest has not got. Also under arrest is account Petrosyan and Stepanenko.

Petrosyan and Stepanenko married for over 30 years. About the cause of separation not officially reported, the divorce was asked by the representatives of both parties, although the first lawsuit was filed by Stepanenko. Previously, she called the divorce «everyday case» and suggested to await the decision of the court. While Petrosyan expressed hope that they will come to an agreement and peaceful resolution of the issue.