The court upheld the extension of arrest Genio in the case of the «Winter cherry»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrinorama in fotoracconti fire link Sergei Genin. Archival photoThe court upheld the extension of arrest Genio in the case of the «Winter cherry»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Patrinorama the image Bank

The Kemerovo regional court on Friday upheld the extension of arrest of the accused of negligence in the case of the fire in TRTS «Winter cherry» chief of guard of the second part of firefighting and rescue Sergei Genio to 25 December, said RIA Novosti the representative of the court.

As reported, the court on 8 October upheld the petition of a consequence about prolongation of arrest Genine until December 25. Until the same date arrested most of the defendants in the case. The Prosecutor’s office and counsel of the firefighter appealed the decision, sending in the court of appeal’s view and the complaint, respectively. Protection sought of a measure of restraint not connected with detention.

«The court decision is left without change,» — said the representative of the court, noting that, therefore, the appellate public Prosecutor and the appeal is denied.

The investigation accuses Genina improper performance of their duties to rescue people from a burning building of the Mall. Under version SK the Russian Federation, in case of fire, he «ignored data on the short path to the people and sent a subordinate for long, thereby lost time,» which led to the deaths of at least 37 people in the cinema on the fourth floor. In court, a firefighter told reporters that he does not consider himself guilty, as he and his team «did everything we could and could not.»

The Internet continues to collect signatures in defense of the firemen, who became the defendants in the case — Genina and chief of fire first detachment of the Federal fire service (OFPS) in Kuzbass Andrew Burkina also accused of negligence and arrested.

The fire in the shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo took place on 25 March and has claimed 60 lives. Defendants in the case are currently 12 people, among them owners and managers of the building, the security guard, now former heads of the regional emergency, and is responsible for entering the shopping center in operation, the fire alarm and direct the fire suppression at the scene. They are all detained and arrested.

The court upheld the extension of arrest Genio in the case of the «Winter cherry»© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka in a shopping Mall in Kemerovo