The first payments to the victims from flooding on Kuban will begin on 27 October

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in photovacation the bridge over the river Hot destroyed by abnormal flooding in the Krasnodar regionThe first payments to the victims from flooding on Kuban will begin on 27 October© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

The first regional one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles to the victims from flooding on Kuban will begin on 27 October, said Minister of labor and social protection Maxim Topilin during the Russian trilateral Commission for regulating social-labour relations.

According to Topilin, in the Tuapse region 836 of flooded homes, 2,5 thousands of citizens affected by the disaster. In Absheron — 1219 flooded houses, 3.5 thousand people were affected flooding. In Sochi — 86 flooded and 214 people affected.

Special attention is paid social services to the elderly, children, people with disabilities, said Topilin. Special control installed in temporary accommodation. The Minister noted that the payments in the Krasnodar territory has existing solutions: 10 thousand rubles — a one-time regional assistance on immediate needs, 50 thousand — in case of partial loss of property, 100 thousand, with the loss of property.

«In the budget of the Krasnodar territory reserved for necessary assistance», — said the Minister.

«Lists on immediate needs… will literally tonight or tomorrow morning to emerge, and will organize the payment tomorrow means today will be spent on accounts of the Ministry as operator of these funds», — said Topilin.

The Ministry also reported that Topilin sent a letter to the Governor of the Krasnodar region with the recommendation to take prompt measures for social support and livelihood of the victims, drawing particular attention to the elderly, disabled and families with children.

In particular, attention is drawn to the necessity of the temporary accommodation centres organized three meals a day — especially for children and individuals with chronic diseases, and creating conditions for elderly, disabled and children, equipping them with the basic necessities.

This is recommended to organize the accounting of disabled people left to live in flooded homes, supplying them with necessary food, water, medicines, mobile phones, information about the contact phone numbers of emergency services.

In addition, attention is drawn to the necessity of daily monitoring living conditions of the citizens, returned in the previously flooded the dwelling. In the case of illness or other discovered the impossibility of further stay in these dwellings, efficiently carried out at the request of the citizens of their delivery in a medical institution, resettlement in temporary accommodation, having reserved the room.

In the letter to the Governor of the necessity of the unified social consultations for affected citizens with experts of bodies of social protection of the population, the territorial offices of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation.

Because of the rains in the Tuapse and Apsheron districts, as well as in the city of Sochi has been flooding in Tuapse and Absheron districts entered emergency mode, partially evacuated population, online services translated into enhanced mode, go podborovye rounds to assess the damage from the elements. Russian emergency situations Ministry confirmed the death of six people as a result of heavy rains and landslide in the Krasnodar region. Two victims are hospitalized, another medical care provided on an outpatient basis, the fate of one person is unknown, said the representative office.