The profession of engineer in the future will require new skills, according to Google

© AFP 2018 / Prakash Tip Google. Archival photoThe profession of engineer in the future will require new skills, according to Google© 2018 AFP / Prakash Singh

One of the most important and popular professions in Russia and the world in the future will be «engineer», but a specialist will have to acquire humanitarian skills, said in an interview with RIA Novosti President of Google’s strategic partnerships in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Carlo d Asaro-Biondo.

«In my opinion, one of the most important professions of the future, as it is surprising, engineer. However, skilled engineers do not have to specialize in any one technology, but they need to understand the needs of the people, understand people,» — he said. The expert thus believes that under the impact of technology can be a new profession. He cited the example of the study of Dell Technologies, according to which 85% of occupations in demand in 2030 does not yet exist.

«We at Google believe that jobs will not disappear, rather, change the function of the specialists. For example, if I’m the driver, my job is to control the machine: to understand the principles of operation of the vehicle, know the road and rules of the road. If unmanned vehicles will become popular, drivers will not disappear — will change their function. We need to be people that control the operation of a new type of transport», — he explained.

According to him, because in Russia and around the world there is great demand for engineers and programmers from different disciplines, educational institutions need to adjust their programs to prepare new, market demanded specialists. For example, the school needs to impose discipline on fundamentals of programming and operation of neural networks in universities to expand programs in the field of new technologies, and companies to introduce refresher courses, he said.

«The experience of «Business class» (development programme for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs developed by Google and Sberbank — ed.), I realize I need to focus on online courses, as it is less costly and easier for people. With this approach to learning they can gain new skills and knowledge, not looking up from the main activities», — concluded the expert.