The student of Omsk College was expelled after the incident with the beating of a security guard

© RIA Novosti / Maria Waygood Omsk. Archival photo.The student of Omsk College was expelled after the incident with the beating of a security guard© RIA Novosti / Maria Vashchuk

College student at the Omsk state pedagogical University after a conflict with a teacher and a security guard, whom he beat on Friday expelled, told RIA Novosti acting rector Omgpu Gennady Kosyakov.

Previously the regional Directorate of Regardie reported that the evening of 24 October, one of the students in the case of the University, located on the Waterfront of Tukhachevsky in Omsk, during the class behaved inappropriately, broke swearing at the teacher, and when intervened in the conflict, security guard companies began to kick his legs. He fastened rowdy is handcuffed to me. Resguardar arrested 21-year-old student and took him to the police.

«The check is definitely carried out. Is a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who entered the first year of College at the University on specialty «tourism» for a fee. This student has previously been seen in sharp statements, he worked as the College’s Director and curator. But after the incident of failure today, he was discharged,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Stocks said that the Wednesday incident began with the fact that the student cursed the teacher and disrupted the class, and when he was told that the Director of the College about his / her behaviour will be drawn up a memo, he began to behave more aggressively against the guard came to the rescue.

«Wasn’t here something similar to what happened in Kerch. Just a basic lack of manners, arrogance, the attitude is that «I pay tuition, I have you all bought.» Then there was the usual rudeness, and when he was afraid that his behavior will be documented, and happened the aggression. All measures were promptly taken, notified the police, regional education Ministry and the migration service», — he said.

In turn, the Ministry of internal Affairs across the Omsk region, RIA Novosti reported that in fact the incident police are checking, after which in relation to the young person can be prosecuted.

«The actions of the citizen will be given after receiving the results of the forensic examination,» said a police spokesman, explaining that the act of the student will be qualified depending on the severity of the damage caused to the health of the guard. According to police, the victim received a fracture to both legs. Earlier in Regardie reported fracture of the right leg.