The traffic police said, managed to avoid congestion at the sinkhole in Sochi

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in fotoballoliscio heavy rains in the Krasnodar territory. 26 Oct 2018The traffic police said, managed to avoid congestion at the sinkhole in Sochi© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

Drivers in the Krasnodar region were informed in time about the sinkhole at the entrance to Sochi from-for revelry of elements, thus avoiding congestion on the damaged area, told reporters the head of traffic police of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov.

In connection with the rains in the Tuapse and Apsheron districts, as well as in Sochi has been flooding. According to recent reports, 1846 flooded households, where more than 5 thousand people. In the territories, imposed a state of emergency, partly evacuated the population, online services translated into enhanced mode, go podborovye rounds to assess the damage from the elements. As reported by the regional authorities, in the next few days of reduced precipitation are not expected.

«Professionally evaluate the work of traffic police. Artery main entrance to the city of Sochi were closed, and it was necessary to organize a movement, and, of course, traffic police officers arrived first on the scene, restricted movement and created all the conditions of the information informing the public, the routes shifted» — said Chernikov at the all-Russian seminar-meeting with participation of heads of traffic police of the Russian regions in Sochi.

He added that people in the region were informed on time. According to him, is it possible to save a large number of vehicles directly on the damaged area and to provide alternative routes.