Trump’s attacks on the press condemned 200 American journalists

© AP Photo / Alex BrandonПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump’s attacks on the press condemned 200 American journalists© AP Photo / Alex Brandon

At least 200 journalists signed a letter condemning the attacks, U.S. President Donald trump on the media.

«The indulgence of trump’s political violence is an integral part of attacks on free press, which include the classification of any report that he doesn’t like how «fake» news and ban journalists and media outlets that he wants to punish, to attend press briefings and events,» the letter reads.

It is also noted that the President tries not only to «discredit the media, but also incite violence against her.»

«We condemn the behavior of Donald trump as unconstitutional, anti-American, completely illegal, unworthy of a U.S. President and the leader of the free world,» he told reporters.

Among the signatories are journalists, employees of TV channels like ABC, CNN, CBS and other media.

The American leader is in conflict with a number of media, calling them «enemies of the people» and the authors of «fake news». Media in response criticize trump and publish regular leaks from the White house with incriminating information.