Brussels airport has cancelled more than 120 flights due to the strike of longshoremen

© 2018 AFP / Belga/Jonas RoosensПассажир in Brussels airport. Archival photoBrussels airport has cancelled more than 120 flights due to the strike of longshoremen© 2018 AFP / Belga/Jonas Roosens

One hundred twenty-five flights canceled on Saturday at the Brussels international airport because of a strike of stevedores, told RIA Novosti on Saturday the representative a press-services of the airport.

«As of this moment cancelled 125 flights, this is the fifth part of all planned. The strike of the employees of the company, which is responsible for loading the Luggage, continuing, stated that it will continue at least until Sunday morning. Then there are negotiations, we have no information,» — said the employee of the press service.

According to her, flights cancelled as on departure and arrival.

Earlier, the airport authority said on its website that «as a result of stopping the operation of the operator Aviapartner baggage until 6 am Sunday, October 28, the company does not service any flights.»

The situation affected flights airlines Aer lingus, Air Baltic, Air Europa, Air Serbia, Nippon Airways «British Airways», Czech airlines, easyJet, Etihad Airways, FlyEgypt, Iberia, KLM, Ryanair, Tunisair, Turkish airlines and several others.

Departing passengers are requested not to wait in the terminal, and to return home and contact their airline via the call center.