Experts found out which criteria are important to Americans when evaluating politicians

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American voters — Democrats and Republicans — argue that Russia and the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller ahead of elections to the U.S. Congress in November. While the first expresses strong concern about what is happening, calling the President of Donald trump as a «puppet» of Russia, the latter believe that the investigation into Russia’s complete nonsense.

In this case, the parties agree that the «Russian question» is not the paramount place in the minds of Americans in the definition of the candidate-the favorite in the election. Despite the General popularity of this theme in the local media, Russia to ordinary Americans is not a priority.

Correspondents of RIA Novosti spoke with us experts and voters on this subject.

The debate about Russia

In the American heartland Russia is not on the first places in the list of issues discussed — rather, the interest in it support media. However, many believe television.

«I think that this is something there, otherwise it is not clear, why against so many people have charged Robert Mueller. In 2016 I heard about Russia more, than in my entire life,» said RIA Novosti retired nurse Debra berry, who lives in the town of Cartidge on the border of Texas with Louisiana.

For pensioner Terry Dunn of Longview, Texas, the most important is education, but the investigation Mueller believes it «very important.» According to her, she supports the democratic candidate in the Senate partly because he expects that he will be a counterbalance to the current administration. «I hear all the time that Mueller knows a lot of things we don’t know. I hope that we will be able to support the work of our government so that they got to the bottom of what is happening. I’m interested in this. Can’t say I every day talking about these topics,» says Dunn.

For one supporter of the Democrats, the President trump «puppet» of Russia, despite the fact that his presidency has been significantly tightened sanctions against Russia. «I think that trump is a puppet. Trump has the support and financial assistance from Russia and Saudi Arabia,» she says. Upon hearing that the correspondent of RIA Novosti from Russia, the woman refused to give his name.

While supporters of the Democrats, came to the meeting, democratic candidate for the Senate Beto O’rourke in Longview in Texas, most of them was friendly to the correspondent of RIA Novosti. «You’re the first Russian person I see!» said one of the activists. I offered to wear a badge with the name of a candidate, which had to politely decline. Someone asked me to send a email report from Longview, in order to be translated using Google Translate and see what they say in Russia about America.

Senate candidate from Democrats O’rourke, whom the RIA Novosti correspondent asked about his attitude to Russia, said the traditional promise to punish those who interfere in elections. «We must ensure that everyone who was involved in the attempt to undermine our democracy in 2016, and everyone who wants to do it again in 2018, 2020 — until they stop — would be brought to justice. We need to have a detailed and complete investigation into what happened and what you’re trying to do now in our country, and for investigation, followed by justice,» said O’rourke. According to him, America should defend its principles that make it «exceptional for the rest of the world.» «I think this includes our relations with Russia», — said the candidate.

Supporters of the Republicans and trump’s expected consider the «Russian investigation» nonsense. «I think it’s funny, this is the question raised by the Democrats. The democratic party has become extreme, it does not represent my values and my view of the rule of law», — says a resident of Texas pam.

«This is ridiculous. Man cannot two years to reach any conclusion», criticized Mueller a resident of Ohio John.

RIA Novosti interviewed American experts believe that the theme of Russia for American voters, rather, is closer to the end of the list of priorities in determining for whom they will vote.

«It seems that they don’t really care,» said Tom Davis, former Congressman and currently the Director of the division for relations with the Federal government at Deloitte. He said, «Democrats have already made their choice regarding trump, he doesn’t like it.» «And the Republicans have already made their choice. They like it. There are swing voters in the middle. But Muller is very professional investigation, in my opinion. Little leakage, we do not know that he has,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Agrees with him and senior Vice President of the company’s strategic planning and research surveys Winston Group Myra Miller. She explained that the issue of Russia, there are different aspects — investigation of interference, collusion between trump and Russian, as well as overall bilateral relations between Russia and the United States.

In her opinion, for the voters-Democrats and liberals question the investigation in Russia is more important in contrast to their opponents, the Republicans.

«Democrats are disappointed that this is not a concern for the wider public. Not because independent voters or others are not interested in clarifying the point. But as the investigation Muller has not made anything specific as they expected,» — said Miller.

Before the midterm elections in the USA is only a couple of weeks. Election November 6 are called intermediate, because it held in the middle of the presidential term. As every two years, will be re-elected the entire membership of the house of representatives (435 members) and 33 senators out of 100. The term of office of a member of the house of representatives two years, senators 6 years. Democrats for the first time since 2011 have a good chance to gain control of the house of representatives.

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