Fired for racism leading NBC called on the First channel

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The head of management of information programs of channel one, leading the evening program «Time» Cyril Kleymenov invited American journalist Megyn Kelly, who took the interview, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and fired from NBC over racist remarks, to be his co-host.

According to kleimenova, the true reason for the dismissal of Kelly’s «to her love» that «grass can’t cure». In this regard, he invited presenter «to spit on the authorities» to come to «the city-hero of Moscow, in the Studio of the First channel.

«Will be leading the program «Time», «Time» according to you, and the love of millions of our men will be with you, and the envy of millions of women,» said Klemenov, expressing the view that such an invitation — «testimony of the good intentions of Russia.»

Fired for what Kelly

Previously the British newspaper Daily Mail reported that Kelly dismissed leading to NBC for racist remarks.

According to sources, Kelly lost his job after the programme the Today Show expressed his opinion in support of the so-called «blackface» — theatrical make-up, which is a caricature of a face of a black man. As stated by one of the employees of the TV channel, comments Kelly called «disgust» all of her colleagues.

As the newspaper, the amount of compensation that the channel may have to pay Kelly, is, under the contract, $ 69 million.

CNN TV channel in turn reported that NBC is negotiating with Kelly, about the conditions under which it might leave a division of NBC News.

The official representative of the presenter, Davidson Goldin, said that the channel has not yet contacted her or her representatives. Later, the company still contacted Kelly. As CNN notes, «it is a sign that the negotiations are».

In fact, NBC News later confirmed that Kelly will participate in the next editions of the morning show. «Next week, at 9 a.m. (program) Today will conduct other leading», — said the representative of the channel.

Who’s Megyn Kelly

Kelly is known for the fact that it has repeatedly criticized the US President Donald trump. The conflict between the head of the White house and the presenter has a long history. He insulted a journalist on Twitter and television over the awkward questions during the televised debate, and made coarse allusions to the physiological properties and called Kelly «a beautiful little fool. He also refused to debate on Fox because of what lead them once again was Kelly.

In June 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Kelly interview on the topic of Russian-American relations and accusations of Russia in «intervention in U.S. elections», which deny as the White house and the Kremlin. This episode is Kelly watched six million Americans.

In July 2017 the Huffington Post soobshil that the rating of the show Kelly drops every week, the most popular story in the show is the interview with Putin.

According to Nielsen, after the debut of the plot, in which was shown interviews with the Russian President, the show «began a steady decline». A week after debut, when Kelly conducted an interview with sports commentator Erin Andrews, the number of viewers fell to 3.6 million, still a week to 3.5 million.

In 2014, Kelly was included in Time magazine’s hundred most influential people in the list were among the other Putin and then US President Barack Obama.