First channel called the invitation Megyn Kelly to work the irony

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium NBC News Megan Kelly. Archival photoFirst channel called the invitation Megyn Kelly to work the irony© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

On the First channel called the irony of inviting an American TV presenter Megyn Kelly, who was fired from NBC. About it RIA Novosti said the press service of the channel, noting that they are willing to consider a summary of the journalist, if she would send.

The head of the Directorate of information programs of channel one, presenter of the program «Time» Cyril Kleymenov invited Kelly to be his co-host.

«And here’s the offer: expensive Megin, dear! You spit on their heads and all you spit, come to us in Russia in the hero city of Moscow, what’s there in Moscow? Right here in this Studio come together to lead the program «Time», «Time» according to you, and the love of millions of our men will be with you and the envy of millions of women,» said Kleimenov.

He noted that this invitation is more evidence of the good intentions of Russia, and expressed the opinion that Kelly was fired on trumped-up reason.

«This, of course, was ironic. But if we can get a summary of Megyn Kelly, promise to consider it,» — commented on the words kleimenova in a press-service of the First channel.

The reason for the dismissal

As reported by the media, Kelly lost his job for «racist remarks». Dissatisfaction with NBC caused a review of the journalist in its morning transmission Today, where she criticized the excessive political correctness in the United States and lamented that white Americans can’t use the «blackface» (to use theatrical makeup, which is a caricature of a black person) without fear, to face condemnation from society.

According to one of the employees of the TV channel, these words caused «disgust» among all the colleagues Kelly.

NBC News later confirmed that Kelly will participate in the next editions of the morning show, her program will lead other leading.

Now the TV station is holding talks with Kelly about the conditions under which it can leave the company. Under the contract, which expires in a year and ten months, the journalist has received 25 million dollars a year. As written media, the amount for which Kelly could count if the violation on her part would be refuted, could be $ 69 million. While she herself, according to TMZ, demanded $ 50 million.

Who’s Megyn Kelly

Forty-six of Megyn Kelly is known for the fact that it has repeatedly criticized President Donald trump. He insulted a journalist on Twitter and television over the awkward questions during the debates, and made coarse allusions to the physiological properties and called Kelly «a beautiful little fool. Once he even refused to debate on Fox because of what lead them once again was Kelly.

In 2014, Time magazine journalist in the hundred most influential people, among whom were the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and then US President Barack Obama.

In 2017 Kelly was the moderator of the International economic forum in St. Petersburg, and then took the Russian leader’s interview on the topic of Russian-American relations and accusations of Russia in «intervention in U.S. elections», which deny as the White house and the Kremlin. This episode is Kelly watched six million Americans.

«Tightening the screws»

The dismissal of Kelly, said the scientist, candidate of historical Sciences Mikhail Smolin. He noted that racism is one of the crimes that American society does not forgive.

«She made it or not is another question. But once the leadership decided that somehow it can be sewn to the racism, the punishment is very cruel, in fact the expulsion from the profession. Is it possible to say that the pressure on freedom of speech (again, a phrase characteristic of American life) – of course, from my point of view, Yes. I believe that a journalist has the right to Express their thoughts precisely in the form in which it sees fit, if it’s not profanity or insults», — he told radio Sputnik.

According to experts, American society is becoming more and more so that the journalists can’t speak out.

«What happened to this journalist, is an internal story for the Americans, who for a very long time on the words cared that all could Express their thoughts freely, but then it turned out that for them there are restrictions on expression of ideas, which lead to the expulsion of journalists from the profession. This suggests that in American society, «tightening the screws», and many journalists are unable to freely Express their thoughts on a variety of issues. And what’s the next stage of American society, the more it seems to me, there are no restrictions on the different topics,» concluded the agent.