France will increase security in schools amid growing aggressiveness of the students

© Philippe Mediacommunity of the gendarmerie and the police in France. Archival photoFrance will increase security in schools amid growing aggressiveness of the students© Philippe Huguen

The French authorities are developing a comprehensive plan to enhance security in the educational institutions of the country amid growing aggressiveness of the students, the plan will be presented to the public on 30 October, said the Minister of education Jean-Michel Blanker in the radio station Europe 1.

Earlier on Friday, interior Minister Christoph Kastner, the Minister of justice Nicole Berube and the Minister of education Jean-Michel Blanker held a special meeting, which discussed measures to enhance security in the educational institutions of the country. The meeting took place against the background of frequent attacks of students on teachers. So, at the end of last week social networks and the press has video from the school in Creteil, near Paris, where the student threatens the teacher charged balls with a gun. Last Thursday, in Le Havre in the North of the country for a few hours, four were detained the minor student of the Lyceum for the fact that in early October threatened the teachers «fake weapons».

«Yesterday we met with Christophe Castaneda and Nicole Berube in order to consider all aspects of the problem: in the classroom, the institution and the approaches to it… on Tuesday on the occasion of the Council of Ministers will present a package of new measures,» said Blanker.

The Minister recalled that by the end of Friday’s meeting, the head of the French interior Ministry Castaner did not rule out the possibility of placing in schools police officers. Blanker explained that we are talking only about individual cases, and not all educational institutions of the country. «This can happen in certain cases to be identified, but it will not be a common practice,» — said the head of the French Ministry of education.

Blanker said that the government plan assumes, first, amendments to the internal statutes of educational institutions and creation of new instructions in case of aggressive behavior of students. Secondly, the French authorities intend to assist those institutions in which the order of the educational process have been violated. It is, in particular, about the widespread formation of «mobile response teams» that already exist in some advanced schools in the country.

Special attention the French government pays for pupils excluded from school for behavior. Blanker said that «sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity» because expelled for behavior student moves to another school and «begins to create a mess there.» According to the French Minister of education, it is necessary to create a special educational structure with mentors from different professions in order to re distinguished by the aggressiveness of students.

«For Teens 13-18 years we need a special structure, which can include representatives of different professions like education and police and army… It could be the young retired military,» — said the Minister.

According to the Minister, strengthening security and tightening of a number of internal regulations in schools can help pupils to learn the boundaries of acceptable behavior. «First, who will benefit from this plan – teenagers who are in search of their borders. This is exactly what we need to help them from an educational point of view. False generosity is a connivance. Real generosity is the establishment of borders», — concluded the Blanker.