FTS strengthens monitoring sanctions goods due to seasonal growth in demand for vegetables and fruits

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in foobarcontroller customs service of Russia carries out the inspection of the goods. Archival photoFTS strengthens monitoring sanctions goods due to seasonal growth in demand for vegetables and fruits© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka the image Bank

FCS of Russia strengthens control sanctions goods after the summer slump, when they were not profitable to import due to the fact that the Russian market had its enough fruits and vegetables, said RIA Novosti Deputy head of the main Directorate of customs control after release of goods FCS of Russia Valery Seleznev.

«The FCS of Russia currently strengthens control sanctions goods. This is due to the seasonal factor, because the summer was the decline in the supply of fruits and vegetables for a simple reason – there was a lot of their products, and take sanctions was unprofitable. Now relabeled Polish apples, fruits slowly start to appear on our market. Such seasonality occurs and before the New year,» he said.

«Now frontal sanctions when you open the machine, and the products written «Poland» is not enough. There is a separate madmen who ride and not afraid of anything», he continued.

But mostly, according to Seleznev, suppliers and remove identification, and from the point of view of jurisprudence such a product cannot be called sanctions, because the country of origin is not identified, the so-called «unconfirmed sanctione». «Direct measures as sanctions goods, destruction cannot be used. In this case, the product either returns to the place where he arrived, or transferred to the Rosselkhoznadzor as a commodity without marking. There are established working with such products,» — said Seleznev.

In total, the North-West and Central customs offices of the FCS employs 10 mobile teams that detect attempts to import sanctions or «unconfirmed sanctions,» said Seleznyov. If in 2016 for the North-Western customs administration was found 68 vehicles at the Central customs administration – 447 vehicles in less than 2018 in the Northwest already identified 319 machines and a – 587.

«The mobile groups organized in such a way to EN masse to watch all in a row, and, knowing the path and logistics of goods to build the logic of our actions, to work with the operational data of the Ministry of interior, Prosecutor’s office and the business community. We not only check the vehicles, we conduct analytical work: something you can see on the documents, according to information from departments, analyze chain supply logistics. Identify potential repeat offenders – any transportation company, carriers, places where typically implemented or collects the goods,» he said.

Predamage Russia in response to Western sanctions has been in place for four years. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree on 6 August 2014 in respect of food from the US, EU, Canada, Australia and Norway. At the end of July 2015 issued a decree about the destruction of prohibited products. The government was allowed to destroy such food by any legal means. The ban does not apply to goods for personal consumption, weighing up to 5 kilograms.